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make-ahead breakfast: bacon, egg, and cheese “muffins”

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Salty bacon, sharp cheddar, and light fluffy eggs all speckled with herbs and spices in a handy little cup. Now that’s my kind of a breakfast!

baked egg cups

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“Food can bring people together like not much else can. Sitting around a table, sharing a meal breaks down barriers and walls- it crosses cultures, it tells a story…it nourishes and sustains us. I believe in the power of fresh, seasonal food with simple preparations- light, healthy and full of nutrition. Cooking healthy food that tastes good is what its all about. Its easy to throw a stick of butter in basically anything and make it taste good- but creating a balanced nutritious dish is so much more fulfilling!”

These little cups are the perfect pairing with any breakfast…they are SUPER easy to make, and packed full of healthy lean protein…one lovely little cup has only 100 calories and 17.6 grams of protein…not to mention lots of creamy, dreamy cheesy flavors.  So, whether it is Saturday morning brunch, or a quick grab-and-go Monday morning breakfast (you can throw one of these egg cups in a whole wheat english muffin for good food on the go) these egg cups are a definite winner in my book.

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grain free waffles

In breakfast, casein free, dairy free, gluten free, recipes on June 28, 2012 at 5:48 pm

Grain Free Waffles; Guest Post From Against All Grain. (Gluten/Dairy/Refined Sugar Free)

Made with raw cashew nuts!!

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