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paula deen: please cut out sugar not fat!

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Paula Deen after and before (photo:

After Paula Deen announced in January 2012 that she had type 2 diabetes (no surprise considering all of the sugar and flour she uses in her recipes), she was criticized in the media for her high fat recipes and some people said Deen even deserved her diagnosis. She was also condemned for endorsing a diabetes drug after years of teaching people to eat unhealthy food. In July 2012 Deen was on the cover of People magazine sharing that she had lost 30 pounds, thus telling the diabetics & pre-diabetics of America that her “diet” works. But does it?

In her most recent blog post, Caitlin Weeks, aka Grass Fed Girl, looks into how Paula Dean changed her diet and wonders if Paula has learned anything about the causes of diabetes.

I am sure Paula Deen is trying to lower her dietary fat at the advice of some well meaning dietician who has their facts all wrong. A low fat diet leads to cravings for saturated fat which are often mistaken as sugar cravings. Have you ever felt like you were going to kill someone if you didn’t get something sweet at 3 pm? Have you ever eaten a whole pint of ice cream in the blink of an eye? This is your body craving saturated fat and it will do anything to get it. Our brain is 70-80% fat so the body needs it to rebuild and repair daily for optimal cognitive functioning. Saturated fat helps our bodies absorb minerals like calcium and magnesium for strong bones and reduced sweet cravings. Saturated fat also increases good HDL cholesterol and detoxifies the liver so it can burn body fat more efficiently.

Caitlin’s advice to Paula Deen included:

1) Cut the sugar, not the fat.
2) Skip the sugar filled smoothies for breakfast. Have protein & healthy fat instead.
3) Stop smoking.

On a recent episode of Dr. Oz she blamed her diabetes on genetics but what “runs in her family” is a diet full of processed carbs, vegetable oil, and sugar that she has eaten her whole life. Dr. Oz challenged her to cut the fat and calories in her recipes to make “healthy versions”. Watching this clip was insufferable for me because I wanted to scream! Diabetes is not about calories or fat grams, it is about repeated blood sugar spikes coming from foods like breaded oven”fried”chicken and low-fat whole wheat mac and cheese. These high carb foods will send your blood sugar sky high wearing out your pancreas setting the stage for diabetes. I have news for Dr. Oz and Paula, fats like coconut oil, grass fed butter, olive oil, ghee, avocado, grass fed meat and eggs will help to stabilize blood sugar and keep people full for hours.

I agree.

Check out the rest of Caitlin’s thoughts here:

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