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if naturopaths are quacks then I must be a duck: allopath vs. naturopath

In books on July 14, 2012 at 11:16 am

An Allopath is a medical doctor, an “M.D.” An Allopath’s extensive training is in cataloging symptoms of illness in order to diagnose diseases, then treating those diseases primarily through surgery, drugs or radiation, ergo the “cut, poison and burn” mentality. MD’s receive very little training about diet and nutrition, as most medical schools do not consider them to be important factors. They often do painful, humiliating and invasive testing procedures like x-rays, MRI’s, biopsies and the like in order to make a diagnosis. Generally speaking (apart from regular physical exams), they wait for you to get sick and then attempt to treat or mitigate the symptoms; in other words reactive medicine. Allopaths generally consider that as long as you’re doing okay in keeping your symptoms in check using medications, that you’re “healthy.” They are addressed as “Dr.(Whomever)” (it amazes me how many people do not even know their doctors’ first names), and the people they treat are referred to as their “patients.”

A Naturopath is a natural medicine doctor, an “N.D.” which stands for “Naturopathic Doctor,” or this week for me, a “C.T.N.” which is a “Certified Traditional Naturopath.” Next week I suppose I might have to be referred to as a “P.W.H.S.F.D.I.A.H.”, or “Person Who Has Some Fairly Decent Ideas About Health”, for all I know. Honestly, this havoc over titles is exhausting! Our training, which is rather extensive, is in general wellness, boosting the immune system to prevent dis-ease, and in finding natural ways without harmful side effects to work with symptoms that have already developed. We use no invasive testing procedures. We try to restore people to a state of glowing, radiant health, and do not consider doing “okay” or being maintained on perpetual drugs as “health.” In contrast to the primarily reactive nature of allopathic medicine, we would define naturopathic medicine as predominantly proactive.

A huge difference between Allopaths and Naturopaths is that Allopaths are trained to fix what’s already broken, while Naturopaths are trained to help prevent it from being broken in the first place: Fixing versus preventing, and treating symptoms versus identifying and addressing the root causes.

Allopaths are also okay with using drugs for maintenance. Naturopaths, however, stress change – the right foods, enough water and exercise, and getting rid of the patterns and habits that caused the symptoms in the first place. Doesn’t taking a pill to relieve a symptom only reinforce the bad habit that caused the problem in the first place? Yes!”

excerpt from “If Naturopaths are “Quacks”… Then I Guess I’m a Duck: Confessions of a Naturopath” by Shauna K Young

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  1. Great Book!!!

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