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GAPS diet: what about dairy protein? most diets for autistic people recommend no dairy.

In GAPS diet on April 4, 2012 at 2:48 am

“The gut wall in autistic and other GAPS people is damaged, so most proteins do not get a chance to be digested properly before they are absorbed, including dairy proteins. Dairy protein casein has been fairly well studied in this respect; however most other proteins have not been studied yet (apart from gluten). These partially digested proteins cause havoc in the body, particularly in the brain. As the gut lining starts healing, this situation improves. Only fermented dairy are allowed on the GAPS diet because the fermentation process pre-digests dairy proteins. The yoghurt and kefir need to be made at home and fermented for 24 hours at least to allow the fermenting microbes to really break down proteins in the milk. Only well-fermented (which means pre-digested) dairy are allowed on the GAPS nutritional protocol and they should be introduced slowly and carefully, step by step. Through the treatment the gut wall gets gradually healed and sealed, so foods are digested properly before absorbing. It is best to use unpasteurised, unprocessed organic milk (straight from the cow or the goat or sheep), as it contains alive enzymes, probiotic bacteria and its physical and biochemical structure is unadulterated. If you cannot find raw milk, do not worry and use pasteurised fresh whole organic milk. During the fermentation process the beneficial bacteria will do their best to put life back into the milk. The GAPS patients cannot drink raw milk right from the beginning: they have to introduce all fermented dairy products (gradually and slowly) first before trying the raw milk. Large percent of recovered GAPS people can introduce raw milk without any problems (having introduced all the fermented dairy first). However, they must never have pasteurised milk (even after recovery is complete)!”