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the eating game: autism resource & more

In autism resources, clever ideas, products on July 13, 2012 at 7:23 am

Solutions are often very simple and sometimes we miss them in the search! A little boy with ASD and my passion as an autism advocate led me to invent The Eating Game, a solution that’s making a big difference!

Jean Nicol is committed to creating and producing visual support materials for folks with special needs.

EYECAN CREATIONS Publications was established by Jean Nicol as a home for The Eating Game line of products which support the planning of healthy meals every day for those of all ages and abilities. Invented for a child with autism and helping them and many without autism too. Kids love being in control and are making a wider variety of healthy choices. For more product info check

Do you have fussy eaters? Or are you just introducing new foods? Here is a fun way to get your little ones to try new and healthy foods.